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Solavei is revolutionizing the mobile space, offering $49/month no-contract plans for unlimited text, voice and 4G data, and providing discounts with hundreds of top retailers across the country. Plus...

$49/mo Unlimited EVERYTHING

Solavei's mission is clear: Provide the best possible mobile service at the lowest possible price, making life better for everyone: • Unlimited 4G data, messaging, and voice • On a top 4G nationwide...

It's Time Your Phone Pays You

Not only does Solavei have an unparalleled mobile service, but they actually PAY YOU MONTHLY to spread the word! People naturally share a good thing when they find it, so why not get paid for it? •...

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Solavei: Can You Really Eliminate Your Cell Phone Bill?


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The Solavei Difference:

For most of us Mobile phones quickly switched from a nice to have, to a must have and Mobile operators know we cant live without them!So were paying for it, $70, $80 even a $100 dollars a month and more!

Solavei is taking a fresh approach to Mobile service based on the things you really do need. You need a solid Network and Nationwide reliable Coverage and fast speeds, we’ve got that.

You need a straight forward reasonable price like $49 a month for unlimited Voice, Text, and Data 4G Nationwide but what you really need are fewer monthly expenses and more monthly income and that’s where Solavei is doing something truly unique! When you share Solavei with others and they join you earn income for helping us grow. Not just once but more dollars in your pocket every month and depending on how far you take it, your phone is not just filling a need its helping you get more things that truly matter!

Great Service, Great Price, Great Opportunity!

Solavei Mobile Platform

Introducing the world’s first mobile social commerce platform with $49 unlimited 4g data, voice & text plus discounts on hundreds of premium retail partners.

Your Phone Pays You

Get paid to use your phone. It’s that simple. Solavei will pay you MONTHLY for every trio you refer, they refer and so on. Your earning potential is virtually unlimited.

Our Worldclass Team

If you are interested in making a life-changing income with Solavei it is important that you align yourself with the right team. Learn more about Team49Unlimited.

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Solavei has just launched their nationwide social commerce network and thousands are joining daily! Join now and get your unlimited cell phone service with benefits.