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Solavei Compensation Plan FAQ

Definitions of the Solavei Compensation Plan Terms:

1.            What are the Membership Types: You’ll find 3 different types of Solavei Members:

  • Service Member: a Member that utilizes Solavei Service solely.
  • Social Member: a Member that is a Service Member and also takes part within the Compensation Plan.
  • Social Member with no Service: is a select few of Members who choose only to take part in the Compensation Plan. Social Members with no Service must pay a yearly payment of $149 to participate within the   Compensation Plan.

2.           What is Your Personal Network:  Member’s Personal Network includes his/her personal connections and every one of their personal connections.

3.           What is  Your Extended Network: Anything beyond a member’s personal network (beyond two levels of connection)

4.           What is Your Total Network: All connections inside a member’s network.

5.           What is a Trio: includes 3 active Service Members on any given level.

6.           Compensation Plan Definition: Solavei’s Compensation Plan that specifies how members are going to be compensated for their networking activities.

7.           How Often Will We Get Paid?

  • Compensation Period:  The compensation period contains the compensation earning period and payment date.  The compensation earning period is conducted monthly and each member is paid on the 12th of the following month for all activity conducted in the previous calendar month. All compensation earned inside a given earnings period are going to be paid as follows:

8.           What is the 40% Rule:  To be able to advance in rank, a Social Member cannot have more than 40% of the required total Trios result from a single PC1 individual inside your network. This Rule is applicable to the Ranks of Social Connector and above.


Solavei Compensation Plan Overview:

Solavei’s compensation plan contains 4 distinct components:

1.            Trio Pay

2.            Path Pay

3.            Equity Options


1. Trio Pay

How it operates:

  • Pays $20 a month for PC1 Trios and $10 a month for PC2 Trios.
  • Trio Pay is unlimited in amount and can be built continually. Members can always add Trios into perpetuity and make money on them every month as long as the Trio is not broken.
  • A Trio will may be broekn if one or more Members of the trio quit paying for mobile service. When this happens, the $20 related to that Trio would stop being paid, unless there are other members on that level to re-form the trio.
  • The Solavei Community provides a view of your network and also the status of their Members.
  • Horizontal Compression: Re-forms a trio when the Member has Members within the same level not already assigned to a trio. For instance: if a person has 4 Members on Level 2, thus receiving payment for a Trio with one remaining, and their Trio breaks (someone drops out), the 4th Member on that level will automatically slot in and finish the Trio so there’s no breakage within their pay. No additional actions are needed from the Member, the system that Solavei has designed will compress automatically each time a Trio breaks.
  • Vertical Compression: There is no vertical compression within the Compensation Plan, which means that in the event the sponsor becomes deactivated, their place in the network remains unfilled. The remainder of the network remains unchanged.


When it is paid:

Trio Pay is founded on monthly service plan fees paid by Members with all the earnings calculated and paid monthly. Trio Pay is earned after each Member of a trio completes their 15-day mobile service anniversary from the time of service activation. Trio Pay earned each calendar month is paid on the 12th of the following month.


What happens whenever a member does not pay for monthly service?

A grace time period of 5 days is going to be available for Members who become suspended for non-payment after which restore service by making a payment If the Member makes a payment inside the grace period, the Trio Pay is going to be earned as of the payment date. If the Member makes a payment beyond the grace period, absent horizontal compression, the Sponsor will lose Trio Pay for that period and Trio Pay will start again if all members become active again.

Additional Trio Details:

  • There is not any time limit on when a Trio can be formed. E.g. Sign a Member today, another in 6 weeks, and the other in 6 months. When the final Service Member is signed to finish that Trio, the Trio will be paid from there forward as long as it remains active.
  • Trios are formed automatically through the Solavei Compensation System using predefined rules.  There is not any selection or election to become a part of a certain Trio. For example, if the Member signs a new Service Member on May 20, June 2, June 7 and June 13, the Solavei Compensation System will examine the first 3 Service Members signed to find out if the requirements to make a Trio have been met.  If qualifications are met, the Trio is made, but if not, the system will look on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Service Members to determine if your qualifications have been met.


2. Monthly Path Pay

How it works:

  • All Members are able to earn Path Pay since they progress in Rank
  • Rank is based on achieving progressively higher combinations of PC1, PC2 and Total Trios as reflected within the accompanying chart
  • Path Pay ranges from $250 to $20,000 a month which is paid so long as the applicable numbers of PC1, PC2 and Total Trios stay in place
  • The number of Trios used to determine Rank will be the number of Trios in which Trio Pay was earned within the prior calendar month.
  • There are additional constraints which will also be considered in determining Rank


  1. At Social Connector and above, a Social Member cannot get more than 40% of your required total Trios result from any one individual inside your network.
  2. Being a Member in good standing (paid in full for all fees. i.e., $49 Membership Enrollment Fee)


When it gets paid:

  • Qualification for Path Pay is calculated by the end of a calendar month and paid on the 12th of the following month.


4.  Equity Options

  • You will be given the ability to purchase a certain amount of equity options in Solavei at the following ranks:
  1. Social Connector –            2500
  2. Social Networker –           5000
  3. Social Director –                 10,000
  4. Social Executive –             20,000


More Details:

  • There is a 4-year vesting period on all equity options. Once you reach Social Connector, Solavei will contact you with more details on how to exercise your equity option rights if you choose to do so.

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