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Solavei Wireless: Empowered By Relationships

Solavei Vision

What Sets Solavei Apart:

Solavei is a Social Commerce Network that provides a unique income-generating opportunity for members through its nation-wide 4G mobile service.

  • $49/month for UNLIMITED voice/text/data
  • No member enrollment fee
  • Absolutely NO CONTRACT
  • Get FREE service by referring a few friends
  • UNLIMITED earning potential as you keep sharing!
  • Big discounts on future products & services

Solavei Unlimited Talk Text and 4G Data


How Does Solavei Stack Up to the Competition?

Solavei Phone Plan Comparison

What is Solavei Wireless

What is Solavei Wireless?

You don’t have to look very far to see that our country is in recovery. It hasn’t been easy and it still feels like it’s going slow, everyone is looking for a little more money each month so they don’t have to stretch so much, so they have room to breathe!

“Individuals today have gotten desensitized, were expecting there to be challenging news in front of us. The reality is individuals need to make more than what their currently making.”

Times like these are what have defined our country our people take a hold of the challenges in front of them and turn them into strength and purpose! The funny thing is people are surrounded by money every day, it is called advertising! Its loud, it’s often un welcomed and it’s a very big business.

“Large corporations spend billions of dollars every single day trying to get you and me to buy something. The reality is I don’t remember the last time I bought something because I saw it on a bill board.”

“I think it’s about two thousand advertises hit people in a single day, it is just noise!”

The mobile phone industry alone spent over 12 billion in marketing and advertising last year trying to get new customers. Yes that’s with a B, and you know what they did with it, the story goes something like this. One of the big 4 mobile phone operators like AT&T will yell at the other 3 mobile phone operators customers and say come on over! Some people switch, then another company like Verizon has to yell even louder at Sprint and Boost customers and hope some people have a change of heart, and some people do. Now Sprint has to yell even louder and well you get the idea and yelling is expensive. Yelling costs a lot of money, so we asked ourselves what if someone created a company that didn’t spend money on yelling, but instead spent money on talking and sharing. What if we took all that money and spent all of those dollars on the best advertisers in the world, you! So we created Solavei Wireless, a social commerce company offering a mobile service.

Solavei Wireless will change the phone industry forever!

“I believe Solavei is creating a new industry called social commerce where were taking what individuals do naturally every single day to a social means of sharing. We are going to take those advertising dollars that had been spent already and were going to shift it to millions of individuals instead of 1 or 2 large corporations.”

First we made it great by partnering with and using the backbone of T-Mobile to ensure that our service has great coverage and some of the fastest speeds around. T-Mobile is proud to be partnering with Solavei on its first of a kind approach to wireless. T-Mobile looks forward to providing you and all the Solavei Wireless members with a great Nation Wide 4g experience, which is only going to get better with the aggressive investments, were making to get better! Then we gave it a great price at $49 dollars a month for unlimited voice, text and data 4g Nation Wide no credit checks, full transparency, really simple. Then we made it social by a network community tied in to the social networks you’re already connected to so you can easily get on board and invite your friends.

“We built a whole social network standalone so when you’re in Solavei, you can share with your network, you go and understand what’s happening, get the latest video exchange a hi five with someone who just accomplished something, all of that is within the community itself.”

The more people you share with the more money you make, here is how it works. Your friends would like to save money and only pay $49 a month for unlimited Talk, Text and Data, if you share Solavei Wireless with 3 friends and they join, you get $20 dollars a month, 6 friends and that’s $40 a month, now your cell phone service is only costing you $9 dollars a month, and when those friends share this is where it gets interesting. If half of those friends did what you just did, now you’re making a total of $150 a month and if all 6 of your friends did what you did, you’re now making $260 dollars a month. Now you’re getting free unlimited voice, text and data 4g plus over $200 a month in your pocket and when your network continues to grow you make even more money with Solavei Wireless, one less bill, one less worry!

“Generally speaking businesses take from the people who are its customers. Solavei sells a service and they give people an opportunity to build their own economic value.”

“You put a extra couple hundred dollars in some ones pocket right now in this economy the way it’s going, you free them up to do a whole lot of stuff they couldn’t do, maybe they can quite that second or third job and spend a little extra time with their kids. Maybe they can pay that rent or get a bigger house or a better car that runs, that is a really big deal and that is what we are focused on.”

We don’t just think that this is an amazing way to get your mobile service; we think this is an amazing way of doing business. Better than any advertisement is word of mouth and that’s why we are excited to partner with Solavei.

“Solavei is a perfect example of the American ingenuity; this to me is a Sam Walton-esk move!”

“If you think about the last 5 to 10 years you have seen the growth of some astonishing companies, whether it was Google or Microsoft or Apple, eBay, and amazon you name it! It would be wonderful if Solavei took its place as one of the leading innovators in American business.”

“It is a win, win, win, opportunity.”

“One of the great things in business is when you have two things come together, one is the opportunity to have a great business but it’s also the chance to do something that does good to people directly!”

We believe that Solavei Wireless is the start of something big, because we are turning away from the world or yelling and advertising, because were turning yelling into sharing, we are a company that’s focused on you!

“With Solavei were putting the value on people, powered by relationships.”

So let’s take the first step and do what you do every day, when you really like something share! Share Solavei Wireless with your friends and family so that they can save to, and then all of you can share in the benefit and tremendous growth in the Solavei network.

Share this video right now with other so that we can say to everyone, welcome to Solavei Wireless!